Meet Bryher

I’ve wanted to do an entire post in black and white for awhile now and was just waiting for the perfect opportunity – this is it!! I just love the pure emotion of these images.

I truly love taking family photos. They are in this moment for the parents enjoyment but in my heart I know I’m taking these photos for the children as well. For when they grow up, maybe even 20 years from now, they will look at these photos and be reminded of the joy of their childhood.

I was very young when I lost my Mother to cancer. I truly cherish every single photo I have of her, my Father and my siblings. This is one of the reasons I have such a passion for photography. I look at old images and cherish the emotions they stir in me. Photos help me remember where I come from and they remind me of how strong the love my family shares is.

I have to be honest and say some of these images brought tears to my eyes. I can feel how much this family loves one another. I hope they enjoy these photos today and 20 years from now as well.

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  • Lisa - Stunning work Jo – Congrats Goodlett family. She is beautiful!!

  • Adrianna - So beautiful. I can’t stop looking at the blog/pics and it brings me to tears every time. Thank you xo

  • Deborah Reid - Amazing photos Johanne. You are brilliant in your photography work to catch, always catch the emotions of the family. thank you for the memories Johanne!

  • Alex - The last one is by far my fav… That’s a keeper for them when they are in their 60’s lol

  • Johanne - Lol Alex! Thanks so much everyone xo

  • Tracy Reid - Love them all, what a beautiful family.. I have to agree with Alex the last one is awesome…..
    Congrats again.

  • Kelly - Jo! The photos are beautiful and so is your introduction… I couldn’t agree more about having photos from my childhood 🙂

  • Fabrizio Erra - Complimenti ; siete veramente una bella famiglia.
    Giovanna e Fabrizio

  • Flora e famiglia - Amazing pictures, best wishes to all the family.

    Flora, Lorenzo, GIanluca ed Erika