Toronto Street Photography

Today was a beautiful day in Toronto! I started with a Family Photoshoot which was fabulous. (I will share those images with you soon) Afterwards, Claude & I headed to downtown Toronto for some good food, a walk & one of my favourite things to do, street photography! Here are a few images from today.Mmmm this was the best green tea smoothie ever! Some people are just crazy. Here is proof.I can feel your pain.I got home just in time to see the beautiful sunset.

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  • Lisa - Sooo vibrant Jo!!!

  • Johanne - Thank you Lisa! xo

  • Daniel - Wonderful job Jo!

    The last picture with the sunset is not bad neither!


  • Johanne - Merci Daniel! 😉

  • Nathalie B - Love your pictures Johanne!!! And the 1st one it’s like the pigeon is saying: Hey dude suck in the belly she’s taking pictures 😉 LOL!!!!

  • Johanne - Ha ha Thanks Nathalie!! Only you would think of what the pigeons are thinking!!
    Miss you! xo